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4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Fanny Pack Do you love going outdoors with your family? If this is the case, you already know that there are some gear and equipment that you cannot leave behind when going for your adventure. One of the most important outdoor gears is a fanny pack. Fanny packs are more suitable for carrying small items than shoulder bags are. Moreover, the packs come in different, stylish designs that will match your personality. When you want to buy a fanny pack, follow the guide below. Best Fanny Pack for You You should find out the various types of fanny packs before starting to shop around. A few decades ago, you would only find fanny packs in a single, basic design. However, today, fanny packs have been redesigned to be used for various purposes. There are particular features you should look for in a fanny pack if you want one specifically made for hikers. For example, you may want a pack that can be clipped on your pants while you are hiking. Consider the Size You should also consider the size of the fanny pack you want to buy. You should determine beforehand the items you will be keeping in the pack. A pack that is too small may not be good ideal if you will be carrying many accessories. Size is an important consideration whether you want a travel or hiking fanny pack.
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How Many Pockets Are Available? You should look for fanny packs that have multiple pockets, regardless of the type you go for. With such a pack, you can organize your things and keep them separate and neat. Ideally, you want a pack that has one large compartment where you can carry items such as your phone, MP3players, digital cameras and others. A fanny pack that has small pockets will be ideal if you will have to carry your passports and other documents during the hike. One of the smaller pockets should have a zipper to keep things such as loose change and keys safe.
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A lot of space will be used when most of the accessories are stored in the large compartment. Moreover, things such as passports and digital cameras can get damaged when stored with items like keys. Money Belt If you want to store money and important documents, a fanny pack will not be the best choice for them. You may also need a different bag is you usually carry a lot of items when hiking. For example, if you want to keep your money safe, you definitely want to buy a money belt. Credit cards and other important documents can also be stored in the money belt. Follow the guide above before starting to shop for a fanny pack for your next outdoor adventure.