Tips For the Plus-Sized Woman

Fashion industry, today, has come to recognize that curvy women outweighs stick figures in numbers in most affluent countries and are demanding better respect and choice when it comes to fashion. Full-figured celebrities like Kirstie Alley and America Ferrera have contributed to the changing attitudes in the fashion world. There’s an ever increasing range of products that cater to the fashion needs of the plus-sized women. Full-figured women are looking to hog the limelight in stylish new avatars. The time has come to recognize that looking good is all about celebrating your body, irrespective of the size, shape or color. All you need is the right kind of style advice, a little effort and a whole lot of attitude.

Clothing: When it comes to clothing, always go for the classic styles. They look good on the plus-sized woman. Tops that stop at the waist are great for figures that are fuller on top; tops that hit at the hips look good for figures that are bigger around the middle; and tunic tops are flattering for bottom-heavy bodies.

For shirts and tops, go for the button down collar look or the v-necks as they bring attention to your bust without making you look bigger. Always choose pants or jeans that have long, sleek lines such as boot cuts or flare cuts as they flatter the full-figure.

Accessories: Belts and scarves add color to your wardrobe, while highlighting your curves. Elastic belts are more comfortable and draw attention to the smallest part of your body – your waist. Belts with wide buckles and neat sashes are good accessory ideas for full-figured women. Always go in for bold, huge pieces of jewelry that’s in proportion to your body. Wear long neck pieces. Sport chunky rings with huge stones like some cool lava rings. If you go in for a tiny ring, your hands would look unbelievably huge in proportion to it. Keep jewelry preferences big, bold and beautiful. Go for bigger sized bags that carry a load of attitude along with all your stuff.

Attitude: Look cool and comfortable in what you wear. Show some confidence. Don’t hesitate to flaunt your stuff and show the world that you are a plus-sized fashionista.