The Beginner’s Guide to Rings

Wear a Masonic Ring to Remind You of Who You Are as a Mason

If you are a member of the masonry organization, then there is a great possibility that you possess one masonic ring. This piece of jewelry symbolizes a lot for you as a member of the organization. It depicts honor and pride to be part of the freemasonry. Nevertheless, a lot of members especially the new ones, are very much concerned of how this ring should be worn. Absolutely, this could be easy to understand. Being a member may call for obligations apart from the the pride it could generate to you. Additionally, how you wear it on could show your confidence and how much you actually give the organization the right importance.

In essence, there are two typical approaches in which masonic ring is worn. The first one is named the pointing in approach and the other is regarded as the pointing out process. Every method will present specific values to the individual along with the people who will be observing of the ring.

The pointing in approach is one of the typical ways of putting on the masonic ring. From the words itself, it is a style of placing on the ring down, a sort of pointing into yourself. There could be a lot of reasons why many masons wear the masonic ring in this manner and among those sensible reasons is that it can effectively remind the wearers of their responsibilities in the fraternity. Also, a lot of people – members and non-members – think or are knowledgeable that wearing the ring in this way signifies the incomplete service to the group. At the right time when the wearer is satisfied or deeply think that he has served the fraternity long enough and well, the masonic ring might be worn in other ways. However, this does not mean the end of the commitment to masonry for as long as the ring is worn, the user will always be reminded of his life-long commitment to the organization.

On the flip side, the pointing-out technique of using the masonic ring can be explained as the reverse of the first strategy pointed out. This would suggest that the ring is facing outward or other persons. This method could be new to some individuals and members but this is growing to be well-known as well for this appreciably illustrates pride as a mason. Furthermore, this could indicate that the wearer is eager to be an agent of this rewarding group.

Overall, there might be no legal guidelines relating to how the masonic ring should be put on. It is actually all about targeting commitment, responsibility, and the heart of every member. All members can put on the ring in any technique assuming that he will be enlightened on the objectives of the organization and will respond in accordingly.

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