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Training Your Dog to be Obedient. If you don’t like your pet dog to growl or bark, you may learn some techniques from this article. You may find various tips on how to modify your dog’s behavior in this article. Dog training starts when they are still puppies. Think about the future of your puppy. Results do not come immediately, as you may expect. Imagine what goes through the mind of your pet dog. Try thinking like the dog thinks. Showing who’s in command is the key to good canine training. If you don’t exercise authority over the puppy, he will disregard your commands. Your dog should be under your control at all times.
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Dog owner should know how to encourage their dogs. One of the first things a dog can learn is how to lay down. Make sure your dog sees the motion of your hand. This might result in the dog following the motion of your hand. As a result, your dog will most likely roll over. This is a good time for you to shout out a verbal command. Observe if your dog can follow verbal commands alone without the use of hand signals. The secret to success is to keep trying!
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Your dog will always look forward to the reward if he succeeds in obeying your command. This is how to make your dog understand that he has succeeded. Your dog also needs to understand when he has done wrong. Letting your dog take a sniff of your hand is a good training strategy. This way, your dog becomes familiar with your scent. Familiarity with its master/trainer is a key to a dog’s obedience. No training program should be without key reinforcement as a major tool. Key reinforcement uses a dog’s instinct to enjoy rewards for good behavior. Dogs’ good behavior can be validated and revalidated using treats or petting. This kind of training uses your dog’s instinct to compel it obey our commands. Your dog needs to learn to keep still when you say the word “No!” Schooling is important in educating your pet dog. You need to make the dog understand what “No!” means. The dog needs to understand what behavior it needs to stop doing when it hears “No!” Each master has its own technique of reprimanding his dog. The important thing is for the dog to obey what you as its trainer command. The response of the dog to its name is a good indicator of your success in training. Puppies learn their name in a short period of time. You will observe how a mature dog responds when its name is called by its trainer. Try to make a dog’s name short and simple. Training your dog well pays off in having an obedient dog. A positive attitude makes dog education relatively easy. If dogs are properly trained, they become obedient pets.