Study: My Understanding of Freemasons

Requirements for Becoming a Free Mason

Freemasonry is one of the better options one would consider. One of the values involved in freemasonry is learning. Learning is inevitable before visiting a lodge or even after becoming a member. Before visiting any local lodge, the first thing that you should do is to dispel all the myths you have ever heard about freemasonry and believed in.

A large number of people know less truth about freemasonry compared to the numerous numbers of myths they believe in. It is a misconception that masonic swords were only found in the past. Gentlemen were recognized by their swords a long time ago. A man was considered not properly dressed without the sword. In the past swords were symbolic and very fashionable. Nowadays, swords do not stand for anything or worn for fashion purposes.

Purchasing a masonic sword is so easy as there is nothing to hide about it. Freemasonry twitter feeds, Facebook page and websites are readily available for people to access and know more. One can find local lodges in the freemasonry sites. To become a member and fully enjoy freemasonry, you have to do away with the freemason myths.

To become a free mason; you have to qualify to be one. First, you should be a man aged 18years and above with a good reputation in the society and recommended by the people within your age bracket. Freemasonry jurisdiction need individuals to at least belief in a supreme being. However, these requirements may not apply in some places. Some freemasonry fraternities may consider women and individuals who don’t believe in supreme beings as their members.

After meeting all the requirements, you are recruited in the freemasonry local lodges. Freemasonry fraternities give tests to the recruited fellows. Attaining a degree in Fellow Craft act as the pass mark of tests in the lodge. To become the actual master mason, you have to pass all the three tests. The three tests would last for 8 months from the beginning to the end.

The reason why a large number of men show their interest in freemasonry despite the easy and definite process of joining is the actual question. The main mission of freemasonry is to help the helpless. Love and treating people equally are some of the things that the freemasonry fraternity consider important. Fraternal relationships are mostly common at work places. Members of freemasonry share along lasting friendship among them.