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Dressing for Men -How to Wear Socks If you need to be taken seriously, then you have to dress the part. Dressing isn’t just about a shirt, trouser, or expensive shoes, what matters are the details. One such detail is the socks you choose to wear. If you are still wondering why you need good socks, then you should remember that the trouser won’t cover your socks when you are seated. Bad socks will be an embarrassment if you are seated in front of a crowd. Poor socks are always a bad idea and will reduce your respectability hence avoid them as much as possible. Your dress socks should match with your dress shoes. Do not commit the sin of wearing sports socks with dress shoes. Sports socks are usually heavy and when worn with dress shoes, they will bring out a goofy look. You shouldn’t also wear white socks with dress shoes. This mistake often leads to a striking color clash that everyone will notice. To retain your fashionable look, stick to pairing your dress shoes with dress socks. Your socks should match the dress and not the shoes. When wearing socks, men tend to break this rule often. You need to avoid this kind of pairing since it will only lead to a stark contrast that is embarrassing. Your socks need to match the trousers you are wearing to create that solid line of color. This way you will look more fashionable in your entire outfit since none of them will stand out more than the other.
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Never wear novelty socks outside your house if you would like people to take you seriously. Donning these socks to work will make you look less serious. They aren’t to be worn even on a date or anywhere else outside your home. Novelty socks are the best for kids since they feel much better when doing socks that bear their favorite superheroes.
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Don’t even think of wearing sandals with socks. Sandals have been designed to be worn without any socks and the moment you add socks in the mix, you end up looking goofy. Don’t attempt to weak socks with your shorts. Your legs will definitely look stumpy with this combination. If you really want to wear socks with your shorts, then wear ankle length socks that won’t be visible over your shoes. Whether you are going for a casual or professional look, take socks serious since they do have a massive impact over the way you will appear. Definitely, you don’t want to look smart while standing and very different when seated.