Clothing Styles For Newborn Babies

Clothes continue to be one of the most popular types of Baby Gifts nowadays. Since babies need constant changing and tend to outgrow their clothes in a few weeks, it’s hardly any surprise how parents would appreciate you giving clothes as gifts for their babies at shower parties, christening and birthdays. But, even though clothes are popular and practical baby gift ideas how do you know what kind of baby clothes to choose? What types of clothes are ideal for babies? We have come up with a list of the best, safest, healthiest and most comfortable types of clothing for babies and toddlers in this article and you might want to check them out.


Take note of the kind of fabric used on the clothes if you have plans on giving them as Baby Gifts. At best, don’t buy clothes that aren’t made from natural fibers like Lycra, nylon, polyester blends, Dacron, rayon and knit. Baby clothing with a small percentage of the aforementioned fabric types are acceptable if only to add stretch-ability and comfort to the clothes. Clothes with large amounts of artificial fabric tend to retain moisture which can cause itchiness and rashes on the baby’s skin. Babies need breathable clothing. As much as possible, avoid woollen clothing as a number of infants and toddlers tend to develop allergic reactions to wool. Clothes made from flannel, fleece and cotton are generally the most comfortable for babies.


Rompers and jumpsuits, sun suits and overalls are quite popular baby gifts for newborn babies. One-piece clothing is very comfortable for babies but try to avoid the ones with elasticized waists. Babies have larger tummies and torsos compared to the rest of their body and it will be quite uncomfortable for them to wear snug or fitting clothes on their tummies. Not only does it restrict the baby’s movements, but it also leaves marks on their skin left by the elastic waist bands.


Most mothers love to dress up their baby girls in frilly dresses and match the outfit with equally frilly headbands and bow clips. Parents should avoid doing this as baby’s skull bones are still soft and should not be restricted from growing. Velcro bows are not advisable for use either.


The best baby gift for sleepwear clothing would be roomy and comfortable night gowns. Do try to avoid dressing babies in sleepwear with strings or extra fastenings as they are not only uncomfortable but dangerous. Zippers often snag and buttons can fall off and babies can swallow them. The best types of fastening for baby clothes are snaps.


Keeping baby’s feet comfortable is also important. Be sure to purchase socks that are not too tight. Loose and comfortable slipper socks called Mukluks are advisable for babies. Mukluks are knitted stockings with canvas soles and closely resemble moccasins.